I'm Eighteen,
I'm from Louisiana,
and I'm attending the University of New Orleans for film. I'm especially interested in philosophy, politics, and art.




I have waited tables. I’ve worked in bars. You know who tips well? The working poor, the lower middle class, and people who work or have worked in service industries. You know who tips shitty or not at all? Rich people, upper middle class people, and privileged fuckers who use their “moral opposition” to tipping to be cheap assholes. 

In some ways this could be true but like….it’s also not. I’ve only gotten stiffed twice in my serving career and on both occasions it was from lower class people. 

Honestly the general worst tippers on the face of the Earth is the under 23 population, and I haven’t really noticed a class trend with that. 

But basically if you’re under 23 I’m not going to put that much energy into serving you well because getting a shitty tip is really just that predictable. Generally speaking, many are also incapable of recognizing when someone is working hard because young people’s capacity for empathy and not being self-centered is typically lower than adults’. 

But I’m genuinely interested in where this person works because my worst tips (like $2 on a $60 check, for example) have come from lower class people.

I’m not saying lower class people are bad or something, like I understand there’s a lot of different things happening that may account for that trend, but I’ve never heard or experienced “Rich people are worse tippers than poor people.” 

*But I completely completely agree that people who have worked in customer service before typically tip quite well and are very polite, and that’s not normally upper class people. 

My mother has worked in the service industry for over 20 years and she along with the other experienced servers (my dad is the lead manager at this place) would say upper class are poorer tippers.  My family makes a simple 40k a year and we tip 20% always.  not 15, 20.  Because my mom knows it’s hard to live on a server’s pay and not enough people realize that.   They would however agree about young peple also. 

I grew up in an extremely majority christian area, and on many occasions I’ve indulged in making fun of the mormon faith for believing Jesus was in the America’s, that Joseph Smith wasn’t a known con artist (which he was), that there religion is the “correction” God made since all religions had lost the gospel’s message yet they constantly have to correct their own scripture to remove racism, polygamy, and some sexism.

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HAHA @ Judge Jeanine on fox news

"bomb them again and again don’t stp until ISIS is gone" lol she does know they often live indistinguishable from thousands of innocents right?

"blah blah blah while we call them a jv team, but they’re like a lion waiting to make the kill"

they are literally the middle-east equivalent of anti-government right-wing rednecks riding around in pickup trucks with big guns and a stupid message. like idk, a jv team so to speak. 

"tell your children to be alert" 

plz stop it didn’t work post-9/11 to prematurely teach a bunch of kids about world politics and it won’t work here either. 


stop the phrase “tattle-tale”. stop indirectly telling kids that if they speak up about someone that’s bothering them, they’re doing something bad. stop contributing to the culture of abuse.

Bullshit… Classic case of extreme leftists continuing to try to soften future generations of the already soft America by encouraging snitching. The last barrier between what we have in America and a police state is that some people still have honor enough not to talk to the police.  If you still believe the police are our friends and they’re protecting us you’re obviously still in a childish frame of mind. No wonder you care about the term “tattle-tale”.  Teaching kids sometimes they will have to solve their own problems isn’t abuse, it’s basic life training. 

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If i had the time I’d run a blog that consists entirely of the hypocritical nature of this website’s community.

herp derp only minorities can be victim of discrimination all white people are stupi and need to get the fuc off m\

men also lul fuck the fact they had nothing to do with the few fucked up people of the same gender and fuck the scientific fact they aren’t responsible for what gender they were born into nor the actions of other people of that gender, kill them all drink their tears bathe in their blood #coexist

oh shit someone just said something about a person who isn’t a white male i better go rescue them even though the fact I think they need rescuing is racist all it’s own.

this is literally what you guys sound like to people who live off the computer 


England: colour
America: color
England: humour
America: humor
England: flavour
America: flavor
England: what are you doing
America: getting rid of u lmao

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It makes me sad that good people with good intentions waste away on here not actually changing anyone’s mind about anything.  If anything most of you social justice warriors make your opponents more firm in their stances due to your condescending and aggressive approach to discussing sensitive topics.  Saying you want “more male tears” isn’t pushing anyone sexist towards taking gender equality seriously.  Alienating white people on here solely because they are white isn’t going to make them look at the world without focusing on race, it’s going to make them focus more directly on it.  If the point isn’t to change the way people think, then what is the point of posting about these issues on this website? 

In a gender-equal world, Beyoncé could strut her stuff freely because she wouldn’t have to prove her intelligence, even if she was shimmying in a tight-fitting dress. Men have the liberty of shaking their hips without their intelligence being questioned, but women don’t.



When will they learn

This shit ain’t funny at all. I don’t know why these white dudes think it’s okay to walk up to people, blatantly insult them, then think nothing should happen. Then people look at the Black folks in the vids like THEY’RE wrong.

Idk if violence is the appropriate response to verbal abuse but whatever if anything that made the video funnier they’re likely going to film a bunch more hoping for the same type of responses.